Craviotto Drum Company Gründer Johnny Craviotto verstorben

R.I.P: Wie die Craviotto Drum Company bekanntgegeben hat, ist der Gründer John A. Craviotto am 15. Juli verstorben. Das amerikanische Mastermind in Sachen Snaredrums spielte vor der Firmengründung selbst als Drummer, für Neil Young. Stets auf der Suche nach dem perfekten Sound hat Johnny Craviotto die Entwicklung der Snare mit geprägt.

Auf der Facebook-Seite der Drum-Company schreibt sein Team folgende Worte:

Johnny Craviotto verstorben

Johnny Craviotto 


It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Master Craftsman and dear friend, Johnny Craviotto. Johnny left us on July 15th, 2016.


Johnny was, and always will be, the world’s finest drum craftsman. No one had his knowledge, his skill, and the passion he displayed for his craft. He created instruments of incredible sonic and visual beauty, and those instruments have graced stages, recording studios, and collections worldwide. His contribution to the world of drum building has been without equal.


We are truly fortunate that, as the heart and soul of the Craviotto Drum Company, it was vitally important for Johnny to pass along his skills, honed over a lifetime, and his innovations in drum building to his trusted colleagues and protégés at Craviotto. The “Craviotto-way” will be carried on for the next generations.


This living art is his legacy. Please join in celebrating Johnny and his art with us.

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